Determing the best Metal Detector Wand

Best metal detector
You may be a veteran or even a newbie treasure hunter, you've probably seriously considered finding a metal detector wand for convenience. Prior to deciding to do, below are a few stuff you ought to know.

General Purpose

For coins, jewelery along with other small targets, an over-all purpose metal detector wand will work just fine. They're usually the least expensive and create a great choice if you are in the beginning stages.

Pro Models

Best metal detector review
In case you are a skilled dirt diver, a pro grade metal detector wand is the perfect choice. You are able to scan deeper, approximately 100 feet underneath the surface, and scan a larger area at once. More pro models are actually affordable for hobbyists, so if you feel seriously interested in treasure hunting this is a good site for you. You can find decent used models for a good price, in reality you won't get yourself a warranty...along with a good warranty is worth it.

Within the water

In order to hunt around beaches or on dives, then you will have to have a waterproof metal detector wand. For beaches, a waterproof model may be enough so long as you don't submerge the whole lot. It is advisable to get one using a completely waterproof housing, in case. They do not cost much more than waterproof models, and also have far more applications. If you will be around brine, ensure that your wand is rated for salt-water...not every one is. Some may be adjusted to do business with both fresh and brine.


Typically, standard wands are terrible at finding gold. In order to look for gold, you'll need a model that is specifically made to detect veins and nuggets.


Relics pose difficult, since they're often not every without trouble. They may be in a selection of depths as well as sizes. Locate a metal detector wand that can detect a number of sizes, from minuscule to very large, and possesses an excellent audio response signal for a number of depths. It should have both small and big search coils and auto ground balance.

No matter your model, ensure that it features a good battery life so it lasts as least if you do within the field. Also, a headset adapter is a nice feature, as it enables you to hunt discreetly regardless of where you're using a headset. Finally, make sure the warranty is least two years is the minimum you want for most metal detector wands.